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Antique Collecting for Beginners

Antique collecting can be fulfilling either as a hobby or a business. For beginners who wish to start their own collection of prized antiques should first learn about the many different facets of antique collecting. Here are some tips that may be helpful for every beginner on the way to collecting antiques as a hobby.

The most common feature of antiques is that they are remnants of the past. Their age may provide collectors with a good idea of their worth. The first thing that beginner collectors should know is to take their age into consideration. There has been a general rule of thumb that most beginner collectors should now about when it comes to an antiques age, be it furniture or any other decorative items.

The time period on which beginner collectors should always take note of when starting a collection of antique items is to target pieces that have been made on or before the 1830's. This is a safe period from which to start looking for prized antiques. The reason for the year is that after the 1830's, most items were being mass-produced and therefore may have a selection of items that can be considered as prized antiques. This is not to say that items after that period aren't valuable. It is just that they may have different criteria for judging their value than earlier pieces.

Another tip for beginner collectors is to focus on a certain type of antique to collect and then gather information as well as additional knowledge on how such pieces are being judged for their value. For example, if you are fond of collecting antique vases, then you should only concentrate on collecting vases first before proceeding to other items. This will help make the beginner focus first on gaining knowledge about antique vases and how they are valued.

Another tip for beginner collectors is to seek the help of other experienced collectors especially when they come upon new items to add to their antique collection. Ask for input as well as suggestions as to how best to go about a new collection. Expert collectors may provide you with added tips that they may want to share and impart some antique collecting wisdom that you may not be able to get from books or any other source. Such expert advice could prove valuable as you begin to amass a sizable collection of antiques.

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